Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Southampton Views

On Saturday I took a ride to Southampton which is about 40 minutes east of me.
The town is lovely with stores that are overpriced for all the "Hamtonites" and tourists that flock there in the summer. This fountain was in a small courtyard off Job's Lane. Most people I am sure don't know it is there. Every time I go out there for some reason the fountain isn't running. On Saturday it was on and lit by the sun and backed by the beautiful autumn colors.
This is 5 x 7.

I sat in my car to do a quick sketch of the traffic on Job's lane.
In the summer and fall it is wall to wall traffic, but now that Halloween is over there is much less traffic going out east. Yeah!!!
(I think the car parked on the right is a bit too large.)

Every street I rode on had lovely autumn color. 
I pulled over on the side of one of the streets to paint this and some cooperative couple
came along for added interest.


  1. Hey Joan, these are all beautiful. I love the fountain and all the autumn foliage.

  2. These are all beautiful, Joan! I love the autumn colors....!!!

  3. I fixed it - I can get into our blogs now. LOL!

    Nice, colorful fall scenes! Good job on that blue fountain too.

  4. You had great timing visiting this neighborhood when you did! Lovely colors.

  5. Really enjoying the high red notes you're hitting with these! Your brush work is great with the washes on the trees, the foliage is lovely because it's not over-fussy. The fountain for me is a superb sketch! It's a very complex structure and I love the way you've nailed it perfectly with real economy. Brilliant technique!! The orange notes really make the blue sing. Lovely sketch!! Well done!!!

  6. I would almost swear I've seen that fountain before in other people's paintings! I love the complete scenes you've painted and think they are just super lovely!

  7. Carol - I can't seem to get enough of the fall foliage this year. Thanks.

    Hilda - The colors have been so great this year. Thank you.

    Mickey - Glad you are back! What did you do?

    Tina - Thank you. I like roaming around out there.

    Kevin - Your comments always make me smile. I enjoyed doing the fountain and giving it a little purple life. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thank you. I'm enjoying life outdoors.

  8. Dear Joan - so glad the fountain was working. Such great autumn sketches and doesn't get any better when you get some folks to wander by to add to the scenes. Just lovely.

  9. I am really enjoying these autumn days, Debbie. Thanks so much.

  10. all lovely. How nice the fountain was working this time. it was meant to be. :)