Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Barns and Tractors

I am still behind in posting. This was also done last week out east where there are barns and tractors tucked in the landscape. This is 5 x 7.

A while back someone had posted a link to Ch'ng Kiah Kiean who does sketching with a dry twig and Chinese ink. His work is amazing! He did one of the workshops at the Urban Sketchers Barcelona Symposium this summer and his father cut and sharpened twigs for all the participants.
His work is definitely worth checking out if you like line sketches.

I went out and collected some twigs and then sharpened them. The ink wouldn't flow for me. Someone suggested that I may need to let the twigs dry out. I did that by putting them in the oven at a very low temperature. This is the result I got when I sketched the vineyard that was way past its peak.
Apparently he has some magic twig that he uses. lol I will try this again at some point.


  1. Colorful fall landscape, and the twig sketch is great! I've tried this type of twig sketching too, and it's not easy.... He made it look easy!

  2. I have not found a magic twig yet either. Bet when we do we will treasure it!

  3. I so love the watercolor. Great job on the shadows too, Joan. Bruce (Journaling with Paint on my sidebar) often uses twigs to sketch. He may have a tip that would help if you are interested. I think your twig piece is awesome myself.

  4. Tina - Thanks. I would have loved to see him sketching.

    Lorraine - Wish you had a connection to get one.

    Sherry - Thanks. I'll have to check out his blog.

  5. Dear Joan - I love your barn with the tractor...such a beautiful farm scene. Now those twig drawings look pretty interesting. I think you will find a way to make those twigs work for you. Have a lovely day.