Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Bayport Flower House

Today the PALS plein air group met at the Bayport Flower House on Montauk Highway in Bayport.
We were lucky to be allowed inside as well as outside to paint, because it was cold and windy outside.
Inside it was downright balmy! I was so glad I hadn't put on my thermal underware because I was too hot. I said to Jeanne that I wanted to go get my bathing suit that was out in the car. Of course some of us were in the greenhouse and the sun was shining which just made it seem hotter.

Regardless, there were tons of poinsettias displayed in all colors. It was a bit overwhelming.
I painted it anyway, complete with this big poinsettia tree. I didn't know they grew into trees.

Here I am tucked down one of the aisles of poinsettias with my easel.

Jeanne was painting in the same greenhouse facing the other way.

Linda was inside the shop.

Mary was inside too. Chris was the only brave one who painted outdoors and I didn't get a photo of her today. Sorry Chris!

My thanks to the owners and staff at the Baypoint Flower House for letting us
set up and take over for a few hours. 


  1. Wow...nice painting. Lots of work on those poinsettias. You handled it well. Love seeing everyone hard at work having fun. :)

  2. What a gorgeous place this must be -- and a wonderful refuge in the winter months. Lovely painting!

  3. Overwhelming indeed but you handled it beautifully, Joan. I love this piece and those doors beyond add lovely elegance too.

  4. Lucky you to paint in a greenhouse, Joan! Beautiful job on the poinsettia's painting and you look so happy to be among them!

  5. Cris - Thanks so much. It was hard deciding how much detail to add.

    Tina - It felt so nice and warm. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thanks. so much. I liked including the doors and the reflection.

    Celia - They were really nice to let us come in to paint. Thanks.

  6. beautiful setting and painting

  7. Dear Joan - this looks like my place to paint. You may have been overwhelmed with all those flowers - but you did such a great job capturing the place. I can almost smell that special scent you get in a greenhouse. Thank you for sharing. Sure looks like you and your friends had a great time.

  8. Bonnie - Thanks so much.

    Debbie - Thanks. It was a fun morning!

  9. Oh what a joy to be amongst all those poinsettia. My favourite Christmas plant which I buy each year. Despite being overwhelmed you caught the colours and spirit of the place beautifully.