Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lincoln and Ocean Avenue

 This was done in Islip at the corner of Lincoln and Ocean Avenues.
I love the style of the house with the arched entryway and the arched windows.
There were still a few brightly colored trees around.


  1. Wow!! A few to catch upon here!! I think you've got some great colours going on in Golden Path and Bayport. Bayport is also another example of how you always deal with complex foregrounds so well. These can seem a bit daunting but you just seem to dive in there and pull them off every time! Wonderful clutter on Provider. I love this Ocean Avenue sketch. Super perspective on the house and porch and I love the way you've used that strong red foliage to push the house back. Top drawer!!!

  2. What a lovely neighborhood this must be! And a lovely sketch, too!

  3. Ooh, I love that Victorian style of home too. This one looks well kept up and I do so love that blue in the windows; a nice touch!

  4. Great posts Joan! Love seeing you and your friends painting at the flower shop. So very nice to see you in the midst of so many poinsettias!
    Love the boat and the victorian home! Great work Joan!

  5. A beautiful house, Joan...I love the color of Autumn still on the trees, and the leaves on the ground...nice work!!!

  6. Kevin - Thank you!!! Your comments always make me smile. Thanks for stopping by.

    Tina - This is part of the historic part of Islip and there are a few really nice houses. Thanks.

    Sherry - This house was really kept up well. I like the Victorian style which adds such character. Thanks for your comment.

    Michael - The flower shop really put me in the holiday spirit, except for the fact that it was so hot. lol Thanks.

    Hilda - Many thanks!

  7. Joan - such an inviting scene. Those old houses are so lovely. Your fall foliage really sets the house off. Have a great day.