Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Provider II

Over in Sayville there is a town dock and next to it is Shellfish Marine. There is almost always some activity going on there while boats are being repaired or restored. On Saturday I drove by and noticed a boat with all these colorful floats hanging on the side. Who could resist stopping for that…not me! All thoughts of painting trees with autumn leaves went out of my head.
This is 5 x 7.


  1. so glad you did stop Joan, this is a great piece

  2. I am reminded of barnacles, probably because these colorful floats are stuck to the side of the boat. Wonderful sketch capturing a neat moment in time, Joan.

  3. Joan - I am so glad you didn't resist. So lovely all those blues and reds. Hope you have a great day sketching.

  4. Lorraine - Thank you.

    Tina - Thanks. Those pink floats could be seen from a long distance. lol

    Sherry - They were probably scraping barnacles off the boats there. lol Thanks.

    Debbie - Thank you. I have quite a few sketches that I did at the same place.