Friday, November 1, 2013

Autumn Reflections

I took a ride up to Setauket the other day and the colors near the pond were really nice.
The reflected colors were fun to play with too.
This is 5 x 7.

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween yesterday!
I took the day off from blogging and went to visit friends who own a wine store in NJ. Their downtown gets shut down to traffic and all the trick-or-treaters come along the stores (luckily they meet them outside because I can't imagine that number of children inside any business). I must say I have never seen so many children and parents trick-or-treating before! I did consider trying to sketch (before I saw the crowds) but there was such craziness and so many people it just wasn't possible. 
In about 1 1/2 hours we gave out more than 2,000 pieces of candy!

Luckily since they own the wine store we were able to relax a bit later with some wine and dinner. And the nice thing was I slept over and didn't have to drive home last night.


  1. Oh this is beautiful. Love your colors and the reflections. Its just so beautiful out here right now too but wont be for long since a windy storm is coming up this weekend. I should have been out taking pix of the leaves around instead of raking them. lol

  2. You've really nailed the reflections in this delightful sketch Joan. Lovely!! Fancy being barracaded in a wine store all day and night. Why don't things like that ever happen to me?!?!?!

  3. What beautiful reflections and love the white building too. Trick or treat is massive over there. Hardly anyone does it round here.

  4. What a gorgeous setting for a home. Love the way you've handled the water and reflections. Autumn is my favorite season of all of them and this is a perfect example of why.

  5. Cris - Thanks so much. The colors are starting to look nice.

    Kevin - Thank you . We weren't actually barracaded in the wine store, but their home has more than we could possibly drink. lol

    Polly - There isn't too much trick-or-treating around by my home, so it was fun to see so many kids in constume. Thanks.

    Sherry - I love the colors too, but miss being able to sit at the beach. Thank you. Do you get much color by you?

  6. You nailed the reflection so beautifully! Wow, that's a lot of candy!