Monday, November 25, 2013

The Porch

As I was driving home from sitting a show in Bellport yesterday, this porch in East Patchogue caught my eye. I have passed this house hundreds of times and never really noticed it. I think the fact that most of the leaves on the trees and shrubs have been blown off in the past few days made more of the house visible from the street. I liked all the firewood stacked on the porch ready for nice warm fires.
This is 5 x 7.


  1. Joan - such a homey scene. Sounds like someone may be using that firewood if that winter storm hits. Take care and have a great Thanksgiving.

  2. I think because there is just so much inspiration around to paint sometimes ordinary looking scenes are passed by but you saw something to inspire this time and voila!

  3. Thanks, Debbie! Hope you have lots of firewood stored just in case.

    Lorraine, thanks! I think there are a lot of things like that which we just don't see for some reason and then all of a sudden you want to paint it. lol

  4. Beautiful watercolor, Joan. I think the people will be using that firewood very soon!!!

  5. I've caught up on lots more lovely sketches. I especially enjoyed the NYC scenes in the previous post, such a unique vantage point, sometimes perspective can be awkward with things like this but you've got it nailed Joan!!! This porch has that charming, inviting feel that you always convey so well. Nice work!!!

  6. Nice to spot something new! And it has made a lovely painting

  7. Definitely makes me feel Christmas-y. I think it is the pine tree on the right and the stacks of wood. Homey and I love it!

  8. Hilda - Thanks. Considering our recent weather I'm sure they have been using it already.

    Kevin - Thank you so much!

    Polly - lol I ride around and every once in a while find something new. Thanks.

    Sherry - Thank you. It makes me think of hot chocolate for some reason. lol

  9. Magnifique publication! et très belle photo!
    Very nice post! nice work.
    Thanks & Welcome for your comment and your visit to my blogs.
    Have a nice day! Cath

  10. Joan! You are amazing! I am almost running out of new compliments to give you! I love your work! Each one is a beautiful work of art with a wonderful story!
    Happy Thanksgiving Buddy!

  11. Thank you, Cath!

    Michael - Thanks so much!