Friday, February 8, 2013

City Sketching

My husband and I had tickets to a show on Broadway yesterday, and we went in early so I could sketch a bit before we had dinner. I started with a sketch of some people on the train. The motion of the train made me sketch in pencil and the trip is fairly short so I didn't bother with color. As you can see everyone is dressed for our NYC cold weather.

It was much too cold to sketch outdoors so I went into St. Patrick's Cathedral. Much of the cathedral is being renovated, but the altars were fine. This is the altar to Our Lady of Guadaloupe

I had a little more time so I did a sketch of the altar of St. John the Evangelist.

We saw the Broadway show "Once" which is about musicians in Ireland. The stage set is of an Irish pub. Before the show actually starts the musicians are on the stage jamming.

We took the subway back to Kew Gardens where we had parked the car. I got a seat going home so I was able to do two more sketches in my moleskin journal...again in pencil.


  1. You saw ANOTHER play??? I love the ones at St. Patrick's! I would have been afraid to sketch there. They don't even allow you to take pictures. LOL! And the ones of the musicians at the pub is terrific too.

  2. The let you take pictures and I've been there before when people were sketching on giant pads of paper. lol

  3. You are such a prolific sketch artist, Joan! Each of these are wonderful but really enjoy the color additions to the church pieces.

  4. There's so many beautiful Churches in've managed to capture the beauty in these...I noticed that the people were happier going to the City than coming back home..LOL
    and beautiful colors in the stage set before the show!!