Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mountain View Farm

On Friday I had to drive up to Middletown, NY to drop off my paintings for the North East Watercolor Society's Member's Show. The paintings were due last Sunday but I was still snowed in. Of course while I was up there I had to paint a barn. There are many scenic barns but very few of them that you can sit and paint at this time of the year without getting stuck off the side of the road. So I ended up doing one that I've done several times before. This is Mountain View Farm in Chester,  which I don't think is a working farm any longer. This is 5 x 7.


  1. This barn is becoming an old friend. :-) Soon you will be able to do a "Mountain View" retrospective.

    I really like this one!

  2. Beautifully painted, Joan! I never get tired of barns!!!

  3. What a beautiful spot! I can see why you were drawn to it!

  4. Joan!
    Love the reds in the last two posts! Spectacular!

  5. Mickey - There were other nice ones we'll have to paint some time. Thanks.

    Hilda - There are such great ones up there. Thank you.

    Sherry - Thanks. I like old barns with character.

    Michael - Thank you.

  6. Good to see you out and about again Joan. I know that is where you love painting. Fab warm scene for this cold weather snap.