Sunday, February 24, 2013

32nd Ave Parking

On Friday my husband and I went to have our taxes done. The accountant is over an hour's drive from us, and we always leave early in case of traffic. Of course we were quite early. I convinced my husband to sit in the car with me while I sketched instead of sitting in the office. This was the view out the car window where we were parked in Jackson Heights. Most of the homes there are attached and have garages underneath, but the cars are all parked in the driveways.n I just noticed that these cars don't have license plates...the police better not notice. lol


  1. Love this one! Police will also!
    Also love your last two posts!
    Great work!

  2. Ah, so you're sketching cars, too! :-) These are great!

  3. Lovely brick townhomes! If I lived by myself, I wouldn't mind sharing walls like that. Living with somebody, however, makes me glad I don't. Sometimes I have a big mouth! LOL Wonderful sketch, Joan!

  4. Much better place to wait and I love the sketch.

  5. Thanks, Michael. lol

    Tina - You know me, I'll sketch anything that is in front of me. Thanks!

    Sherry - Thanks. I'd worry about the big mouths in the part attached to mine. lol