Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Grange in the Snow

I actually got out of the house today and hit the streets, many of which are still not cleared from the storm on Saturday. I have never seen the NY roads in such a state. Whoever is in charge of them should be really embarrassed by the work that wasn't done. There are many people in the area whose streets still haven't seen a snow plow. Luckily I live right off a main road, but even that isn't completely cleared. Yesterday's rain helped in some respects, but now there is a lot of slush and water that can't get down the blocked drain....but enough of my complaining.
I headed down to the Islip Grange which is about 5 minutes from me. It is a group of 19th century building replicas in a very nice park. This is the little white church. I was afraid of driving too far into the park and getting stuck or not being able to turn my car around. Instead I sat across the street in a restaurant parking lot to paint.
It was actually warm enough to sit with the windows open. This was done in my Stillmann & Birn journal and is about 7 x 8.


  1. You painted this Church beautifully, Joan and SO glad you didn't get stuck in the snow! I hate to tell you but we're expecting more snow!! I really need the Spring to come...enough of this cold weather....

  2. What a cute little church, and it looks perfect in the snow. I'm glad you didn't get stuck too. As much as you like to go out to sketch every day, this snowstorm aftermath must be making you crazy. Hope it gets cleared up soon.

  3. What a beautiful little church (replica). I was instantly reminded of the one room school in Little House on the Prairie, which if memory serves, was also used as a church. Warm enough to keep your windows open? Hopefully that warmth helped melt off some of the snow on the roads!

  4. Hilda - Thanks. I'm ready for spring... not more snow!

    Mickey - Thanks. Most roads are clear so now we'll get more snow. lol

    Sherry - Warm enough to open the windows a bit! Thank you.