Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Sentiments

Happy Valentine's Day!
Even though I bought a box of these little sweet hearts, I much prefer chocolate as a Valentine treat. But I do love the little messages on the hearts. The sugar rush from actually eating these is not worth all the calories. lol However they were perfect models for my Valentine card this year.
Enjoy the day and cherish those you love!


  1. Hi Joan!
    Good to be back online! We also had big storm! Two to three feet of snow! Higher drifts!
    Love your last two posts! I hope to post something later today!
    Bring on Spring!

  2. Thought we had bad weather! Love your painting, happy memories I used to enjoy buying these sweets.

  3. Michael - Didn't realize you had not internet. Glad to see you back! Thanks so much for visiting.

    Polly - Thanks. Did we realize how sickeningly sweet they were? lol

  4. I prefer chocolate too, but these probably wouldn't tempt me to eat them. Cute card though!

  5. Dear Joan - beautiful card - hope you have a wonderful Valentine's evening. Thanks for stopping by to visit too.