Friday, February 1, 2013

A Day in the City

Yesterday my husband and I had tickets for a Broadway show in Manhattan so we went in early so I could sketch a bit. We took the subway and I sketched on the E train from Kew Gardens. The time passed really quickly since it it only about a 30 minute ride so I sketched in pencil.

This week was NYC Restaurant Week so we went to lunch as soon as we got into the city. Then Jerry went off to do his thing and I went over near Bryant Park. There is a bank building across from the park that has a nice atrium with tables and chairs and you are comfortable indoors. Of course I couldn't find a spot with a chair and a good view when I got there. So I ended up standing in another part of the bank lobby to sketch this. That is the view toward Bryant Park.

I checked again for seats and found a chair that I positioned so I could sketch the Empire State Building above the entrance to the subway station.
My last sketch was done in the Broadway Theater where we saw "Cinderella."I had a little time to sketch before the show started and during intermission. The stage was decorated for a forest scene with a sunset background.

It was a long, exhausting day. I didn't get any sketching done on the ride back because the train was too crowded and we had to stand part of the way. lol


  1. All your pictures tell a story and they are so good too.

  2. What a wonderful day at the City, all these sketches as always and I always wonder how you do it...!!!

  3. It sure sounds like it was a fabulously fun day, Joan! I'm amazed that you managed all the sketches that you did, and? They are delightful!

  4. Great sketches, Joan! The people in the subway look cold! :-) I remember riding the E train! The ones from the bank window look great. And how fun to get to sketch inside a Broadway theater!

  5. What a fun, full day, and excellent sketches to show for it!

  6. Wow, you were busy! Great sketches. I loved the guys on the E train. I think I know them. LOL!

    Great city-scapes. How was Cinderella? Were there tons of kids there?