Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Houses in the Snow

I'm still trying to do a few paintings while there is snow on the ground.
This was done of part of the library in Brookhaven. This is about 4 x 6.

Yesterday I went to Lily Lake and painted the view across the frozen lake.
This is 5 x 7.


  1. I'm sure you're tired of snow, Joan, but you make these snow scenes appealing!

  2. Such grand pieces and for some reason, I get a wonderful sense of the northeast from them.

  3. Love these winter scenes, Joan....wonderful reflections on the second one!!

  4. Tina - Thanks so much. Right now it isn't looking too appealing at all.

    Sherry - Thanks. They give me that brrrr feeling. lol

    Hilda - Thank you. I liked that icy look.

  5. Joan - your winter scenes are lovely. There is something about snow that makes a house feel homey. Hope you have a great day.