Saturday, February 9, 2013

Snowed In on Long Island

Well the weather reports were right. Snowstorm Nemo dropped a lot of snow where I live and it is pretty much impossible to get out and go anywhere. The two major highways here are shut down because of the amount of snow as well as all the cars that got stuck on the road last night. Apparently the national guard came to rescue some people who were stranded in their cars. It will be quite a while before the roads are clear out here.
Here are a few photos of what it was like in my development around 7am this morning.
Here is my patio covered in snow.

On the other side of my apartment is our garage. Here is the view out the garage door to the parking area. You can see there is a bit of snow behind my car. 
How much snow? I stuck a yardstick in and it measured 21 inches.
Here are some of the cars that park outside and are covered with snow.
I am pretty much snowed in until they come and plow up to my garage door. They did plow a path through the lot but it is about 30 feet from our garage door to the plowed path...and I'm not shoveling!
Since I had to be indoors I did a small 5 x 8 painting from my living room window. I used a new journal, a Stillman and Birn Alpha Series that has 100 lb paper. I wasn't sure how that paper would handle my watercolors but it didn't buckle at all. It worked well.
Unfortunately all my windows pretty much have the same view since they are all on the same side of the building. I'm going to go check what the view is like from the bedroom. Maybe there is a different pile of snow there to paint a second scene. lol


  1. That's a lot of snow Joan! At least you still have electricity. It sure will be nice to have winter over.

  2. Sorry to hear Memo has you snowed in! The east coast has had more than its share this season. A sketch from the window is better than no sketch! :-) Stay warm.

    1. Ha-ha, my auto-correct changed Nemo to Memo!

  3. I think the snow is beautiful! Of course, I don't have to shovel it though. Love that you painted from your window too. It is a beautiful piece!

  4. It looks beautiful, Joan. You got a lot more snow than we did. Love the sketches...