Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hecksher State Park Views

On Sunday I was craving some plein air car time. I drove over to Hecksher State Park in Islip. It is right on the Great South Bay and has distant views of Fire Island and Robert Moses State Park. I found a spot in one of the parking lots where I could see one of the long bridges that cross the Great South Bay.

Then I angled the car slightly and painted the beach grasses.


  1. These are all lovely, Joan! I'm happy to hear you are getting out for some plain air, even if it's from the car. It's so hard in the winter... I get cabin-sketch fever! :-0

  2. Love the subdued palette and what a beautiful spot for your plein aire adventure!

  3. The subtle colors are so perfect for the beach grasses!! Wonderful sketches, Joan!!