Tuesday, August 9, 2022

School Street Charm

On Saturday my friend, Suzala and I met in Northport to paint. She was already there and told me she was painting a business on School Street. I wandered down the street a little more and found this house on the corner and the garage across the street. Luckily we were in the shade because the temperature was about 90 degrees. I lucked out because the building I was sitting near had a basement window that was releasing some air-conditioned air. A car was parked next to me but the rest of the block had no cars. All was well until a business van pulled up to a spot where it was blocking my entire view even though he could back up quite a bit. When the man got out I asked him if he would be long and he said no. Then he promptly got into the car next to me and pulled away leaving the van right where it was! I ended up moving further down the block so I could finish my painting.



  1. Ha, irritating to lose the view. You did do a beautiful painting. I ike the rock flowerbed and all the great shadows and a car for bonus.

    1. Thanks. Suzala had to ask someone to not block her view too. It is a plein air hazard. lol

  2. They just don't know how important the scene is to us! Very nice!

  3. Oh Joan this is a great painting. Glad you didn't let the guy in the van keep you from finishing.