Thursday, March 26, 2015


It has been quite a few weeks since I was able to get to one of my portrait groups. Taylor posed for the Wet Paints Studio Group in Sayville on Tuesday. She came to the meeting with her sisters. She sat on the chair with her hands holding the edge of the chair and her arms stiff with her shoulders raised. You could tell she was very uncomfortable having people staring at her and she kept moving, especially her face and her mouth. It didn't help that when she looked at her sister she would start to laugh. t thought I would never be able to sketch her. After the first 20 minute session she finally settled down and I think I got a fair likeness of her.


  1. Nice job! I think you might have had an easier time with an unsuspecting victim at a coffee shop! ;-)

    - Tina

    1. I see coffee shop sketches in your near future, Tina. :)

  2. Her expression is awesome, Joan. Well done!

  3. It is a beautiful sketch Joan! Her personality, as you describe her, comes through.

  4. Beautiful portrait Joan... I like her expression!!!!