Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Boat Yard

I've sketched at this boat yard in East Moriches before, but I enjoy this spot. It is a definite throwback to the old days...nothing is modern and things are never neat. lol The place has definite character. I was surprised to see that even in the cold temps we have had lately there are still a few rowboats out. Maybe they are ready for Spring. At least there were no piles of snow left in that location, but there are still piles around locally.


  1. It does have the old weathered feel. I love the cheerful colors and the whimsy in the angle of the boats. You picked a great composition!

  2. NICE work, Joan. Beautiful colors and perfect shadows.

  3. beautiful watercolor! I like the colors and the capture of sunshine!

  4. Your bright colors lend to hopes of spring, Joan. I love your compositions; you always have a great eye. This is just lovely!

  5. Celia, thank you. It is a fun place.

    Hilda, thanks!

    Oty, I like the colors at that place. Thanks.

    Thanks so much, Sherry!