Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mickey Creating & Using Gold-Leaf

I spent 2 days this week with my sister, Mickey, working on several art projects. We did plein air sketches of the barn that I posted and worked on adding gold-leaf to our watercolor paintings, a technique that was demonstrated at out workshop that we took in Myrtle Beach. While I was waiting for paint to dry I sketched Mickey across the table from me. This actually looks a lot like her.

Just so you get an idea...this is what I was doing with the gold-leaf.
This was step one. Here there is contact paper on everything except the leaves that are covered with gold-leaf. It is a long process because you are always waiting for either the adhesive to dry and become tacky, or waiting for the gold-leaf to dry overnight.

This was step 2. The contact paper was removed here. It needs a bit of touching up on the gold-leaf before I can paint the rest of it. I did that already and it is drying again. I'll post it when I finish the rest of the painting.


  1. Love the sketch of Mickey; the glasses are amazingly done too, Joan. This piece with the grape leaves is spectacular and I so cannot wait to see it completed!

  2. Thanks, Sherry. It may turn out a bit too shiny but I'll see. If I don't like it I'll redo it as a regular watercolor.

  3. Your gold leaf leaves look good. Have you worked any more on it?