Saturday, March 14, 2015

Judy Morris Workshop - Day 5

The sunrise photos I am posting are from the actual morning I post but the text about the workshop is really a day behind because it takes so long to put it together. This morning was our last in Myrtle Beach and we woke to rain, so we didn't get to walk on the beach at all. I took this photo from the balcony of our room.

The final day of our workshop with Judy Morris arrived. For part of the morning she finished offering suggestions for how to complete our paintings. Later she also did a silver leaf demo. She loves using it in paintings. Many of her paintings are mixed media and it is fun incorporating different media in our paintings. We also had enough time to work on our own paintings with the hopes of finishing them. I worked to get mine done.

Here is a photo of me busy at work.

Here are the original two I was working on as they look in their mats. We brought standard size mats for our paintings, but I couldn't get both sides of the border to show in the opening. So I matted it so the border shows on one side and the bottom.

I had also brought along a painting I had started after the first time we took a class with Judy Morris at Springmaid two years ago. It needed a bit more work, so I pulled it out and completed it today.

It was sad to have the class end. Everyone was so into what we were doing and I know Judy had a lot more wisdom to impart. We made so many new friends and had so much fun with the people in our class as well as the other classes. We all stay at the same resort and have 3 meals a day and cocktails together each night. You become really good friends!

The Springmaid Watermedia Workshop photographer came around to each class today and took a class photo. Judy is in the center holding the sign that says, "LET IT DRY!" That was pretty much our motto for the week. I am in the blue behind and to the right of Judy in the photo, and my sister, Mickey is next to me.

Tonight is Gallery Night. Each student mats their work to be hung upstairs in the Conference Center. We meet up there at 6:15 for cocktails and appetizers while we walk around and view all the work. It is always so amazing to see the amount of beautiful work that is created in one week. Then we head down to the restaurant for dinner, and then back upstairs for socializing and dancing. I will post some of the gallery night photos tomorrow.


  1. Oh Joan -- wonderful, wonderful work!!!! And so large too!!! They look fabulous and it looks like you had a great time!!!!! Safe journey home!

  2. Your pieces all came out so beautifully! Did you use brush for the words in the 2 year old piece? I don't know how you did it but it looks awesome, Joan! What a great trip this looks to have been and your room with a view looks phenomenal!

  3. Awesome paintings Joan! LOVE the second painting...wonderful brickwork...and the clothes line in the alley is perfect!!!!

  4. Thanks, Lin! It ended too soon.

    Sherry, thanks. I used a lightbox to trace the script (that I printed from the computer which also did the translation into French) in that one and then painted it with a brush and watercolors.

    Hilda, thanks so much. The one of Venice I did from a small sketch I had done in Venice.