Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chinese Buffet

Last night my husband wanted to go to go to the Chinese buffet for his birthday. He eats more than I do so I brought along my sketchbook to entertain myself while he was still eating. I did leave out most of the other food displays so it looks a little empty.


  1. I'm glad you left out the other foods . . . I always over-stuff myself at Chinese buffets! ;-)

  2. Did you add color while you were there? Love that background color blending!

  3. Wonderful the background color as well!!

  4. Thanks, Tina. That's the reason I don't like to go to the buffet.

    Lorraine, thanks.

    Sherry, I did some of the color there and then finished at home. Thanks.

    Hilda, thanks so much.

  5. super job, Joan! And I like the simplification!