Monday, March 16, 2015

El Toro

The other night while we were in Fredericksburg we went to a Mexican restaurant called Pancho Villa. Since we usually stay at the same hotel we had eaten there before, and I knew there was a lot of color and interesting objects. Of course I brought along my sketchbook just in case.  I had forgotten about the huge bull head that was hanging over the stone fireplace, so when I saw it I made my sister switch seats with me so I could face it to sketch. I couldn't fit everything on the page so I concentrated on El Toro and the objects on the wooden mantle.


  1. He looks like he is ready to charge! Great job Joan!

  2. I'd be afraid to eat in front of him! ;-) Great sketch!

  3. While it pains me to see any animal stuffed and mounted, I must say that this is one lovely sketch. The setup of the rough hewn wood mantle and the stone chimney...Just beautiful!

  4. Terrific Joan -- you always find something neat to sketch! Great job!

  5. That's okay. At that point, I was more interested in eating than sketching anyway. LOL! I like the bull. :)

  6. Celia, thanks!

    Tina, thank you. I think he was pretty safe.

    Sherry, it was a good setup for the sketch. Thanks.

    Lin, there is always a sketch somewhere. Thank you.

    Mickey, me too. Thanks.

    Hilda, thank you!