Thursday, March 12, 2015

Judy Morris Workshop - Day 3

This morning we had a fairly nice sunrise. Here are a few photos.

Today Judy did a demo of how she uses assorted stencils in her work. One of the things she stenciled was the word Koi on one of her paintings. She showed how to make a stencil brush out of a cheap bristle brush and some unusual things to use for stencils. All the materials were set out so we could "play."

I worked more on my painting from yesterday. Below you can see that I started painting the women and their saris. This was with one wash on each and I had painted the sky a light blue turquoise to coordinate with the turquoise sari.

I decided to repaint the trim to make it closer to an alizarin crimson color. I also painted the cherry blossoms with pale alizarin crimson and touches of turquoise before adding salt. The shadow was also painted and a bit of the shading on the wall.

At this stage I did some of the folds and shading on the clothing as well as adding a bit more color to the cherry blossoms. I put this aside for a while while I assess what else it needs.

Next I sketched out an arched street entrance in Venice. My reference was a small sketch I had done on location in Venice. I wanted to try some stamping and used letters painted with gold gesso. I painted the lightest walls and added some salt in areas for texture. The ground was done with a stencil with ovals. I held it down and painted through the openings with watercolors. My colors were yellow ochre, quin gold, raw siennsa and small touches of sepia and ultramarine blue.

I am hoping to get both of these finished by Friday so I will have something to hang for gallery night.


  1. Absolutely fabulous paintings in progress here, Joan. I am in awe! Beautiful compositions for both of them and your attention to detail is just stellar! Love the folds in the saris; well done!

  2. Just beautiful. The gallery night would be so nice to see.