Sunday, March 8, 2015


I guess I am becoming one of those sketchers who sketches their meals. lol My Wed night sketch group leader suggested that everyone sketch their dinner because of the snowy conditions in NY the other day. I was on the road in Roanoke, VA so I sketched my steamed shrimp, hush puppies (a dead giveaway that I was south of NYC) and a sweet potato...very healthy because I didn't touch the hush puppies. For those of you who don't know what hush puppies are they are deep fried corn bread pieces.

Here are a few photos from my trip so far.

We visited my nephew, John, in GA. Here we are at the river. Left to right are my sister Mickey, my nephew John, my sister-in-law Joan and me.

Mickey, my brother Joe, sister-in-law Joan, and me.

Mys sister Mickey met a long-time internet friend, Angel, for the first time in Blue Ridge, GA. Angel lives in GA.

Mickey and I arrived in Myrtle Beach, SC for the workshop we are taking.
We hit the beach for a walk...beautiful weather!


  1. Yay! You got out of your snow trap! Have a great trip and home safe, Joan. Oh, and congrats on succeeding in sketching your actual meal instead of just the ingredients. :)

  2. Did Mickey get a haircut since I last saw a photo of her? Love seeing the family photos, Joan! Glad you sketched your dinner though have to admit that the only thing that sounds good about it is the sweet potato! LoL Not a seafood fan, not a hush puppy fan.

  3. I'm happy you are enjoying a wonderful trip with great weather to boot! How good of you to sketch your meal, I can never wait and end up sketching from a photo.

  4. Great pics. And can smell your meal, yummy

  5. Michele, thanks! I sketched really fast because I was really hungry. lol

    Sherry, thanks. Mickey has had her hair pretty much the same for years.

    Celia, thank you. I never seem to have a camera when I am eating, but I did bring along the sketchbook hoping there would be an interesting view of something besides food.

    Polly, thanks!

  6. Happy that you had good weather. Warm for you was probably still cold for me! Good start to your trip.