Friday, March 20, 2015

Old Dock

Up on the north shore near Kings Park is Old Dock. It is a boat launching area for Smithtown residents. During the rest of the year it is open to anyone. What I like about it is that you can drive from the lower parking lot to an upper parking lot where you may be further from the dock but you have this great view across Long Island Sound to Connecticut. I sat in my car to sketch with the wind howling outside.

Today marks the first day of Spring and we are having snow. It started here about 1pm and now (8:30pm) it is still snowing lightly. I don't know if there will end up being the 2-4 inches they predicted but everything is pretty well covered in white. These are views I took out my front door at about 5 o'clock.


  1. A beautiful sketch Joan!! Don't you just love Springtime in New York?

  2. Sorry to hear you got snow again! :-(

  3. Sorry to hear you got snow again! :-(

  4. You add just the right amount of ink to your sketches, Joan. Always beautiful! I still love seeing the snow...even if I'm not crazy about driving in it or being out in it.

  5. The snow scenes look great to me but of course I dont have to put up or be fed up with the snow. My place looks more your like your boat dock scene

  6. Thanks, Hilda, I'm so glad most of it is gone already.

    Tina, thanks. It did look pretty.

    Sherry, thank you. Luckily the snow wasn't much of a problem on the roads and had melted by this afternoon.

    Lorraine, thanks. I think we had enough snow for the year.