Friday, October 17, 2014

Varenna & Menaggio

In my last post I had several photos of the contradas in Varenna. The were so interesting with the balconies and terraces giving the residents a glimpse of the lake.

To sketch this one I sat up by the main road looking down toward the lake...and hoped none of my supplies would go rolling down the steps. LOL I really didn't want to climb down and then back up.

I took a walk to a wonderful place along the main road. Villa Monastero is open to the public and has extensive gardens along the lake in a very narrow area that probably extends about 1/2 mile along the lake. The views are beautiful. There are all kinds of trees, flowers, and architectural details.

I did one sketch in my sketchbook at Villa Monastero that day, but went back for a return visit at another time. This is what I sketched the first day. I was looking at the scene in of the archway in one of the photos above.

The next morning Jerry and I decided to explore the lake a little by ferry. We got a mid-lake ferry pass and headed across the lake to Menaggio. The town had a pretty waterfront, but none of the steep, scenic alleyways and stairs like in Varenna. I was glad that we were staying in Varenna because I thought it was a much prettier town. Menaggio did have a vegetable and fruit market as well as a butcher, so I was glad to find that.

More to come.


  1. These are great en plein air paintings, but I am soooo impressed by the first one and how you got that feeling of being so high up.

  2. Wow!!!! Joan I haven't had much blogging time these past two weeks so I have yet to properly catch up on your blog. I have just popped over for a quick look and am BLOWN AWAY with all your stunning work. I will need quite a slab of time to look at all your sketches and photos properly - hopefully I'll get some time tomorrow. I was so pleased to see that you caught up with Celia while you were in Rome - how wonderful! Looks like a trip of a lifetime!!

  3. Wonderful sketches, Joan...especially that first one. Your photos makes me want to get a passport!!!!

  4. Polly, thanks so much!!

    Wendy, I'm glad you had time to catch up a bit. I've posted a lot. It was so fun to meet Celia in person.

    Hilda, I'll meet you at the airport. Thanks.

  5. Wonderful sketches on this page. I don't know how you narrow down your subject from all the eye candy you are seeing on this trip.