Thursday, October 16, 2014

Exploring Varenna

Our apartment in Varnenna was in a great location and was on the flattest, most level part of the town. We also had an elevator to get us up to the third floor and were right by the ferry dock. 

 I found a spot along the lake promenade to sit and paint part of the town. This is 8 x 10 and was the only large painting I did there. After this one I worked in either my sketchbook or on smaller paper.

To get from the pathway along the lake up to the main road and main piazza you had to climb up these contradas which were narrow, steep, cobblestone steps (with little rounded cobblestones that made your ankles turn). It was not easy going up or down! 

For my first day I focused on flatter land.

Don't you just love the colors of the buildings?

More tomorrow...


  1. Love the sketches, Joan... You truly are getting better with every sketch you friend went to Italy and she was telling me about the cobblestone streets slowed her down a bit when walking...

  2. Your lovely sketches and photos remind me of the Cinque Terre! And the cobblestones remind me of Paraty. . . you gotta look down while you walk if you don't want to fall! :-0

  3. Love all of your paintings but the second from last totally grabs my heart. Your work on again that cement wall is phenomenal, Joan!

  4. Thanks, Hilda. They definitely weren't comfortable to walk on. Thanks.

    Tina, it was similar to the Cinque Terre since it is also on the side of a hillside. Thanks so much.

    Sherry, I like the way that one came out too. Thanks!