Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Farewell Costa Pacifica - Hello Lake Como

You may be thinking why haven't I mentioned my husband in all my photos and sketching.
Part of the reason for taking the cruise is that my husband was working with two musicians and a singer who perform on this ship to play and record his music. My husband composes music and for the last 8 years has been working with the violinist Daniela David who transcribes his music for him. For this particular cruise she was working with a pianist and singer and they had been performing some of his songs. We recorded the group performing some of his music, but I have not yet figured out how to upload the clips I videotaped. I keep getting a message that they are too long. LOL When I figure it out I will provide a link to the songs. For now you will have to settle for a photo of all of us taken the last evening after they performed.

From left to right are Vlad (pianist), myself, Daniela (violinist), my husband, Jerry, and Kathy (soprano).

In the morning we were back in Savona, Italy and we disembarked from the ship around 9:30. We got our luggage and headed up to the Savona train station. Since we had some time before the train was departing of course I sketched. This was the view out the front windows of the train station.

We had reservations for our next leg of our trip which took us back to Milan and then to Varenna which is a small town right on Lake Como. We rented an apartment there for 11 days. The apartment was on the third floor of a building and had a spectacular view of the lake because we were close to the lake and nothing was directly in front of us. The apartment had French doors that opened onto a little balcony that you could stand on but it wasn't large enough to sit on. I could have watched the view forever since it changed constantly as the light, the clouds, and the fog moved across the lake.

I did this sketch sitting right in front of our balcony.


  1. Beautiful photo of the 5 of you!! the sketches are wonderful, Joan...what a view!!

  2. How wonderful to have a composer in your midst. Your Lake Como photos make me fondly remember our brief visit - wish it was 11 days like you experienced.

  3. The beauty continues, Joan, I love your view!! Wow! Your painting captures the atmosphere of the lake beautifully!
    It is a wonderful collaboration your husband has made, such great talent! I love his is peaceful to listen to.

  4. Such an amazing and wonderful trip, Joan! Two artists in your home too? I'll bet life is full of beauty and joy 99% of the time for you both. Love your sketch; did you get to meet George Clooney???

  5. Thanks, Hilda.

    Tina, it was so nice to see that view every day.

    Lorraine, I didn't have the computer with me, so I'm posting now that I'm home. Thanks.

    Celia, I'm glad you like his music. I paint to his CD if I'm inside painting. Thanks so much.

    Sherry, thank you. George had the nerve to go off to Venice and get married while we were there.

  6. Dear Joan - it was so nice to meet Jerry. Wow two talented people sharing their life together. Your travels Joan take you to such beautiful places. Always love seeing your sketches. You know how to capture the beauty that is around you. I loved seeing the train station and your View from Varenna Vele. Gorgeous pictures and sketches Joan - thank you for sharing. Hope you are having a super day!!

  7. Joan, what a great opportunity for you and your husband to go on this cruise and do both what you love. Compose and create! I love you sketches of Italy.

  8. That is wonderful. Thanks for sharing, we look forward to the music. You could sell us some CDs if you can't get it posted! Thanks for sharing and all your great sketches. Mmmmmmm.

  9. Nice photo of you and Jerry and the musicians. Now when you mention Daniela I can picture her holding her violin. Can't wait to hear the clips.