Saturday, October 11, 2014

Katakolon and Heraklion, Greece

Our first port of call was Katakolon, Greece. It was once a fishing village but now mostly caters to the  cruise ships that come into port. This is what it looked like when the ship came into port.

The entire main street (which runs about 4 blocks) is wall to wall shops with jewelry, clothing, souvineers, etc. I found Taverna Tzimhe, a colorful place along another road and sat on my painting stool to sketch it. The waitresses and the owner all came over to see what I was doing and to chat.

Of course when I finished I needed to go and sit in the shade and have a drink.

I sat right on that shady patio.

I also painted one of the typical white Greek houses in the town. I loved the strong shadows on the white building.

The following day we stopped at Heraklion, Greece. It was about a 20 minute walk into town. The most scenic area seemed to be along the water. 

The fishing boats were colorful.

I found a spot in the center of the city with a view of the roof of St. Titus the Apostle Church.

Tomorrow I will take you to Istanbul, so come back.


  1. You made these towns look so charming! I want to go!

  2. Been to Istanbul; can't wait to see your views! These sketches are all gorgeous, Joan. Greece is one place I'd love to visit some day!


  4. Love your paintings of your travels. These are excellent and lovely memories

  5. Wow looks as though you had a fab time. Great sketches and photos.

  6. I almost missed this post. Your Greece sketches are gorgeous! The colors are beautiful. We visited Crete and I took the same picture of the same boats in Heraklion ! I'm happy to see they are still there.

  7. Oh Joan - this is a beautiful spot. I loved seeing your pictures and your sketches. Especially enjoyed seeing the St Titus Apostle Church. What great memories you have caught not only with your photos but your lovely sketches too.

  8. I've always wanted to go to Greece. I feel like I've had a glimpse of it through you.