Thursday, October 9, 2014

Savona - Part 1

The first part of our trip was a cruise on the Costa Pacifica that left from Savona, Italy. In order to make sure we weren't delayed and would be on time for the departure we spent two nights before the cruise in Savona which is a small town, but pretty. I did all of these in my concertina sketchbook that I made for the trip.

Right across from the harbor was La Campanessa, the bell tower. I sat in the square in front of it to sketch it the afternoon we arrived.

It really looked lovely at night. You can see that the perspective in my sketch was a bit different. I was sitting much closer to the towers, so you didn't notice the difference in heights.

The following morning I headed back down to the harbor to sketch one of the old fishing boats. I focused on one and a fisherman was sitting on the boat repairing his nets. While I was doing the sketch his friends kept coming down to talk to him, but they noticed what I was doing and came over to look. I got a lot of "Bella, bella!" Then the fisherman himself came over to see. He didn't speak any English but I figured out that his name was Momo and that was his boat. He left with a big smile. I guess nobody has ever sketched him before.

I did some walking around the town and just loved all the arches along Via Paleocapa.

I did another sketch of the bell tower from across the harbor from a spot near where the photo above was taken.

More to come tomorrow.


  1. These are wonderful, Joan! Will you show us a photo of your handmade sketchbook? I love seeing handbound books!

    - Tina

  2. You're amazing, Joan. These sketches are wonderful and so well detailed!

  3. Love these, particularly the arches

  4. I knew you were MIA but hadn't realized you were traveling. So much busyness of late that I don't know up from down. Looks like you had a great trip just from these first few days! Can't wait to see more, Joan!

  5. Tina, thanks. I'll take a photo of it and post it.

    Thanks, Hilda. There was so much to sketch.

    Lorraine, I like the arches too. Thanks so much.

    Sherry, thanks. I thought you knew I was away.

  6. I love these, I love the bell tower! It is great to see them along with the photographs. I am enjoying hearing the details behind the sketches too!

  7. AHHH here they are -- the long-awaited beautiful sketches from Italy!! LOVELY!!!!!!

  8. Wonderful sketches! It's so delightful to paint one's way through a trip.

  9. Okay Joan! Love all these sketches! Love being able to share in your trip! Now my new favorite of yours is the "Bell Tower!" Beautiful! Take care!

  10. These are great! I'm glad that you were able to find so many nice places to sketch while waiting for the cruise to start.

  11. Thanks, Celia. You get to see these again.

    Lin, thanks so much. Hope you enjoy.

    Kate, thanks!

    Michael, glad you like the bell tower. Thanks.

    Mickey, there were a lot of good spots!

  12. Very, very nice. Love the stories, too.

  13. I feel like I'm the trip with you! Love the sketches and the stories.