Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Trip to Como

Como is one of the biggest cities along Lake Como and from Varenna it was about an hour ride on the fast, high-speed ferry. I left on a 7:40 ferry to Menaggio and then took the connecting high-speed ferry, so I was in Como around 9 am...just in time to have a relaxing cappuccino before walking around.

My first stop was the Como Cathedral which was very nice...both inside and outside.

I sketched part of it...the Como Duomo.

I found a nice courtyard garden that was well cared for.

I walked around a bit especially in the historic center. I love the older buildings.

I sat on my travel chair and started painting the street above. Midway down on the left is a restaurant. A man wearing an apron came out and walked over to see what I was doing. He told me the restaurant was his and asked if he could take a photo of what I was doing. I told him he could but that  I still had a lot to do on the painting and he might prefer taking a photo later. He came out a second time to look and told me that when I was finished to come inside and he would make me lunch. He seemed so honored that I was painting his restaurant. The restaurant had a display case filled with all kinds of fresh pasta and assorted sauces (garlic and oil, tomato, pesto, bolognase). I picked my pasta (cheese and spinach ravioli) and my sauce (tomato) and he took it in the back to cook it. It was just delicious and was served with a little basket of crunchy Italian bread. I offered him the painting but he said I should keep it to remember his restaurant. He just took a photo of the completed painting and said when he looks at it he will think of me. I told him that when I look at the painting I will think of him and his food. I thought he was so nice. I got a big hug when I left.

Here is my painting of the street and L'Ora della Pasta.

Next I walked along the harbor to the funicular which goes to the top of the hillside to the town of Brunate. It was a really steep ride as you can see from the photo. I was glad I wasn't walking. lol

The view was great looking down to Como.

The lake was soooo far down!

I did one sketch of this last view.

Before leaving Como I took a few more photos around the harbor area.

It was a fun day in Como and I even bought a bracelet for myself. Yes!


  1. Beautiful sketches, Joan and LOVE the photos....!!! Keep them coming!

  2. What a beautiful time you had in Como and leaving a lasting impression with the restaurant owner. your sketches that day are wonderful, you have some fantastic memories to treasure

  3. An absolutely fabulous day of painting, Joan! I love your story about the restaurant owner too.

  4. Thanks, Hilda. I've been very selective with the photos. I don't want to bore all of you.

    Lorraine, It was a memorable trip. Thanks so much.

    Sherry, the restaurant owner made my day. lol Thanks!

  5. Oh Joan, it is such a delight to enjoy the towns around Lake Como vicariously through your beautiful sketches and photos! What a wonderful part of the world it is - it was already on my bucket list but it's moved closer to the top after visiting your blog.
    Your story about the restaurant owner was so heart-warming. It is these sort of interactions that make travel (and sketching) such a rich experience and it will last in your memory forever.
    Congratulations on winning first place in the show - what a thrill and well deserved!

  6. Wendy, it is such a pretty place...definitely go at some point. Thanks!