Thursday, October 23, 2014

In And Around Varenna

I really loved the look of Varenna so I decided to stay there and sketch a bit instead of traveling.

This is the steeple of the local church.

I went back for a second visit to Villa Monastero. It is such a pretty place. I loved the fountain.

So I painted it.

I loved this odd little building at the end of the point.

So I painted it.

A new friend joined me while he was resting in my palette.

Every place I passed was a possible painting or sketch.

The colors are so great on the buildings. I sat on a bench down by the water to paint this, and talked to just about everyone who sat nearby.

And the contradas always called to me. The man at the bottom was taking a photo looking up. I wonder if I ended up in his photo.

Still more posts to come.


  1. What a picturesque place you captured so well in your paintings!

  2. I'm losing words, Joan. Just, "WOW!"

  3. Dear Joan - all of these are so wonderful. Wonder if you painted your friend...he looks like he would have made a great subject as well. These buildings are so beautiful. Just enjoy seeing them so much. Especially was drawn to the little odd building at the end of the point. So glad you got to paint it as well. Have a great week-end. Thanks too for stopping by to visit - hope it stops raining and you get to enjoy some nice weather - Hugs!

  4. Thanks Tina, Sherry, and Debbie.

    Debbie, I thought the gecko was going to make marks of his own after walking through my paints. lol