Saturday, October 18, 2014


Next the ferry brought us to Bellagio which sits out on a stretch of land that juts out into the middle of the lake. It is a pretty town, with cobblestone stairs similar to Varenna. But Bellagio seems much more commercial than Varnenna with many, many more shops with souvineers  and lovely merchandise too.

I sat and painted a lovely scarf store at the top of the stairs.

This man was patiently waiting for the ferry when we were.

The houses by the lake were very pretty.

I started this painting and it started to rain. I went back to try and finish it later.

To be continued....


  1. Ji Joan - I just spent a very enjoyable half hour going back and reading everything about your trip. I love the photos mixed in with your own paintings. I feel as though I have been on vacation too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Joan, Julie has said just about what I wanted to say, really enjoying your journey

  3. Me too! I have just started at the beginning of your holiday from your first sketch at the airport bar (the barman got a great deal!) and scrolled through till here. What a great adventure Joan - you were very brave sallying forth alone while your husband was otherwise engaged on the cruise. Your photos and sketches of Turkey, Greece and Italy are all superb and what a wonderful dimension the sketching adds to the travel experience. I know that first hand now. I know I keep saying this Joan, but your blog has been such an inspiration to me to get sketching and I can't imagine ever not sketching now - it is addictive! Although I hope I keep painting too! It was so great that you and Celia could meet up and sketch together - ah the magic of the online art community. I'm hoping that your next OS trip will be to Western Australia to visit your niece - and me too!
    Looking forward to seeing what else you got up to on your trip!

  4. I am so enjoying sharing your holiday with you, and your fabulous 'memory sketches' looks a a very inspirational itinerary

  5. Thanks, Julie. I'm glad you came along on vacation.

    Lorraine, Thank you.

    Wendy, thanks for those kind words. You can never tell where I will pop up next.

    Polly, thanks!

  6. More delightful sketches, Joan! And we all want to know what you bought in those lovely little shops! ;-)