Friday, October 24, 2014

Last Day in Varenna

Knowing it was my last day in Varenna was bittersweet. I enjoyed being there so much, but I was ready to go home and be able to see everyone I had left back in NY. We woke up to a cloudy day and expected showers at some point.

I headed up the hill to this Albergo. We had cappuccino there one morning and it was usually filled with tourists who looked like they were ready to go hiking. I sketched it from across the street.

There had been signs posted all over the town that there was going to be some filming for an Italian TV show about, La Famiglia. As I was starting to walk along the promenade by the lake it was drizzling. I decided to sit in a covered stone area that had views of the water. Then I noticed that there was a film crew setting up. I watched them for a while, but the only thing I saw them filming was the ferry coming into the dock. The didn't film any people and after about a half hour they packed up and left.

This was the ferry they were filming.

I had a fairly nice view from where I was sitting, so I sketched.

This was my final sketch for the day....people with umbrellas because of the showers.

That evening the sky over the lake was just gorgeous.

Tomorrow I will post the last of my sketches from the trip.


  1. Absolutely enchanting, Joan ... next time I"m up I hope you'll bring your journals so I can see and enjoy in person!

  2. Your sketches depict Italy so beautifully. Thanks for the glimpse into your fabulous holiday. How lovely to remember such a wonderful trip with your sketches.

  3. Wonderful sketches Joan and these photos are wonderful...I feel like you've taken us with you on your trip! The last photo reminds me so much of Montana!

  4. Thanks Lin. I will bring them the next time you're up.

    Laura, thank you so much!

    Hilda, I'm glad you've enjoyed it.