Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Walk from Varenna

After visiting all the other towns by ferry I ended up with a page of quick ink sketches that I did when the ferry was pulling into some of the other towns. This went across a double page in my sketchbook.

Here are a few closeups.

I decided to stay on our side of the lake for a change. Every morning I would walk from our apartment to the very edge of the next town that was about a mile away. I knew from my research that the town, Fiumelatte has "the shortest river in Itlay." Apparently it runs at certain times of the year and then dries up. I didn't know if it was running or not, but I decided to make an extra trip there to check. When I got to this spot I thought I had found the river....

but I decided to keep on walking and take more photos.

And then I heard this roaring noise and went a little further to find this. It was so noisy your couldn't hear anything else. It was right along the road and went under the road into the lake. 

I wanted to sketch it, but there was no room at all to sit down, so I sketched it standing up.

I walked a bit and found this great view back to Varenna that I wanted to paint. I thought a panoramic watercolor paper would be best. As I was sketching I kept getting lost in the buildings so I decided it would be best to start on the left and sketch a building or two and paint them as I went along. The color made it easier to figure out where I was in the view. I did most of the painting that day but completed it the following day.

Here are a few more photos from Fiumelatte.

I had been gone from the apt for quite a while and I knew it was a long walk back...and I was hungry and was ready for a bit of vino.  I will continue tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful sketches, the panoramic watercolor is outstanding. What a beautiful place to visit. Thanx for sharing

  2. FANTASTIC sketches!!! And of course wonderful photos!

  3. Love your sketches and paintings of your holiday. It's so good to sketch and paint when on holiday, brings back the memories of it all too.

  4. Your sketches are fabulous Joan. Very inspiring. Just wish there was more time in the day to do it all. Your trip looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  5. All of these sketches are just a treasure, Joan. I am so glad you had this wonderful trip.

  6. Dear Joan - your sketches are beautiful. I love the little scenes you captured. Your paintings are so lovely as well. This looks like such a wonderful place to see. Hope to see more. Hugs!

  7. Thanks so much Surfbunny, Hilda, Ann, Laura, Sherry, and Debbie!