Thursday, January 23, 2014

Wildlife Center View

Last Friday I went to visit my sister in New Jersey. We did some shopping for art supplies for an upcoming collage workshop we are taking and then we headed over to the Wildlife Center in Wycoff. I had hoped we could sit out and do a sketch but it was much too cold. Luckily they have an environmental center with big windows that overlooks the pond which was partly frozen and covered with a little snow. The geese were out searching for food.


  1. Beautiful painting, Joan. Your snow paintings are wonderful!

  2. Dear Joan - what a lovely spot. I am so glad you included the geese too. Now did you find some good art supplies? I hope so. Have a great day.

  3. A very nice sketch Joan, those geese look like they could do with the odd crust thrown to them. I really have to comment on your previous post, "After The Snowstorm". What a fabulous picture! One of your best, I'm particularily struck by how well you've described the ground contours with the shadows, it's so easy to overdo this effect but you've absolutely nailed it. A super picture. Love it!!!!!!!

  4. You are lucky ,Joan, to find great places to sketch despite the cold weather. I can feel the frigid temperatures in this work! I'm happy you were in the good company of your sister and had an enjoyable, creative time!

  5. You handled the "partly frozen" beautifully, Joan! I so admire your pluck and determination to get out and about to paint what you see.

  6. Hilda - Having a little snow or ice is interesting for a change. Thanks!

    Debbie -Thank you. We bought some wahsi paper in all kinds of patterns. We hit Dick Blick and Pearl Paints!!!

    Kevin - Thank you so much!! Those geese seem to be eating well enough...they are nice and round. lol

    Celia - It isn't easy to find an indoor location with a view around here. lol Thanks.

    Sherry - Thank you. My sister isn't quite as adventurous as I am and doesn't go out as often...but she is a trooper and I drag her lots of places when we are together.