Friday, January 31, 2014

John Twice

Somehow I neglected to post the painting I did at the South Bay Portrait Group last week. I was surprised that they held the session because the big snowstorm was forecast to start on Tuesday, but I called just to check and they told me we had a model and we were on since the snow wasn't supposed to start until 1. Of course there was already snow on the ground at 9:15 when I called. You have to understand that most of the group is comprised of elderly ladies who don't drive far, walk extremely slowly, and make me feel like a kid. Anyway, John posed for us. He had a really interesting face and was interesting to talk to since he is an actor.

By the time we finished painting there was about 2 inches of snow on all the cars and it looked like a blizzard. I cleaned off the cars for the other "girls" and John and another artist walked everyone down the steps and safely to their cars.

John agreed to come back and pose for us this week and he dressed up a bit for us so it would be different sketching him. He also wore his glasses this week. I did more of a side view of him this time. The portrait from last week looks more like him. lol


  1. Hi Joan! I love the two portraits and the nature walk painting.
    Snow can be a challenge. Glad you were able to get out and paint!
    You certainly produce quite a bit of art and I love all of it! Keep it up Joan!
    Take care.

  2. Great portraits Joan! I love how he tried to create a different persona with each sitting. I also love all your recent snow-scapes. How amazing that you do them in your car - impressive!

  3. Wow, Joan! I think you captured the same face beautifully. I can definitely tell it is the same man. Great that you painted in two different points of view too. Nice!

  4. Excellent portraits, Joan.! I hope to see more of really capture the likeness in both paintings...

  5. Michael - Thanks. If I don't paint or sketch something I feel out of sorts. lol

    Wendy - LOL He even volunteered to let his beard grow for us. Thanks.

    Sherry - Since I get to the group early I made sure to face him from a different location. Thanks so much!

    Hilda - Thanks. I try to go to SBAA's group every week when my plein air group doesn't meet through the winter. And on occasion go to the Wet Paints sketch night.

  6. Great stuff Joan. Not easy to draw and paint the same features twice. I have trouble just once with portraits.