Monday, January 27, 2014

Sayville Grasses

I rarely get tired of painting the water views in this area. If you turn just slightly the view is different.
This was painted in Sayville not far from the Fire Island Ferry terminals.


  1. Wonderful! I can see why you'd never tire of the view.

  2. Such a lovely scene, Joan. You make the dull browns of winter look so beautiful and I wish I could see inside that distant cabin-y structure!

  3. Tina - Thank you. Sometimes we laugh that everything here on the south shore looks the same...flat with beach grasses lol.

    Sherry - Thanks. It is probably a great spot right on the water, but I'd bet they were flooded last year during the hurricane since they are so close to the water. Most places ended up with several feet of water inside the first floor.

  4. Lovely! Living on the water would be rather romantic until reality hits in the form of nature. One thing about painting the scene, it will always stay romantic. :)