Monday, January 13, 2014


Last week we had freezing cold temperatures that caused the local lakes and ponds to freeze. I headed over to Yaphank Lanke. I liked the frosty look to the trees, grasses and ice. Then all of a sudden some skaters came into view. I'm sure they were warm because they were moving around. I was content painting from the car.
This is about 5 x 6.


  1. You've got a lovely icy feel to this Joan, even though you have used some warm colours which make the scene very inviting. Nice work!

  2. Love it. How did you do the white fence? Did you use any masking stuff?

  3. This is a delightful winter scene! I love your "trip" sketches from San Francisco too!

  4. Winter for you, a welcome scene to me as today we had 45 degrees Celsius and same tomorrow.

  5. Love it Joan! Great composition! I want to ice-skate on a lake or pond one time in my life at least!

  6. I love seeing kids enjoying being outside. I can't remember the last time I saw ice skaters. This is such a beautiful painting and for me, has that historic feel...

  7. Kevin - Thanks so much.

    Cris - Thanks. I just painted around the fence. I usually don't bring masking with me.

    Tina - Thanks!

    Celia - Glad you are enjoying the trip to SF too.

    Lorraine - Thanks. We had a few days of warm weather so the ice is pretty much skaters for a while.

    Wendy - Thank you. I skated once in a while as a kid, but never liked it.

    Sherry - Thanks. It is a historic house too.