Friday, January 17, 2014

Camille and Susan

It has been a while since I did a portrait. Most of our sessions were cancelled because of the holidays or the weather. I finally went to the SBAA Portrait Group on Tuesday and painted Camille.

Then I went to the WetPaints portrait session that evening and did Susan.
This was the first time I painted a redhead.


  1. Wow two in one day, You worked so hard Joan or should I say you are so dedicated as I know painting is not work but just lots of fun

  2. Portraits are the hardest thing in watercolour, you have painted them well!

  3. superbes portraits! Joli post ! Bon week-end.

  4. Joan, I've so enjoyed reviewing each of the posts I've missed...The Fireplace Boat Basin is a special favorite. Each of the paintings you've done here and in the last few posts are so wonderful!! I don't know how you manage to paint every day!

  5. Thanks, Lorraine. It is fun. Usually I only go to one of the groups, but I hadn't been to either in a while.

    Polly. thanks so much.

    Cath, thank you.

    Sherry, luckily I am retired and have the time to paint. Thanks!