Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hispanic Society of America Sketches

Today the NYC Urban Sketchers met at the Hispanic Society of America in Washington Heights in northern Manhattan. It was an interesting museum inside and out, and was formerly the Audibon estate.

I started with a sketch of the Tomb of Gutierre de la Cueva, Bishop of Palencia from the 16th century.

I also sketched part of a statue nearby.

Here is Susan sketching at the other end of the room.

Mark was sketching in the room next to us.

I moved upstairs and sketched the view of the room below...too many arches!!! lol
I included Jimmy sketching across from me, James sketching downstairs, and the security guard watching all of us.

This is the Royal Arms of Spain, ca. 1700-1799

We had lunch at the Restaurante La Libertad on Broadway.
I sketched a man at the bar while we waited for our food.

Here are a few sketchers working at our table. Everyone eats and sketches.

We went back to the museum for one last sketch. I did a cabinet full of tin-glazed earthenware from Puebla de los Angles, Mexico, ca 1750-1799.


  1. These are great, Joan! What a fabulous place for a sketchout!

  2. What wonderful subjects to paint. You manage to do so many. They are lovely and interesting too

  3. j'adore ces photos ! joli post, bonne journée.

  4. Gorgeous captures of history in each of these pieces, Joan. You rock!

  5. These are wonderful sketches, Joan! When I zoomed on them I can see all those details...unbelievable..!!! You have so much patience!!! Wonderful work as always...

  6. Thanks, Tina. It was a small museum but a nice place to sketch...and they were so nice to us.

    Polly, thank you. We were there from opening to closing except for about 1 1/2 hrs at lunch. It was a full day.

    Cath - Merci!

    Sherry - Thank you. There was a lot of history there.

    Hilda - Thanks. I got to use a lot of my supplies, wc, ink, wc pencils...It was fun!

  7. What a wonderful group you belong to Joan! Such a great place to sketch together! Loved seeing the photos of your fellow sketchers and the amazing sketches you did! Beautiful!!

  8. I can't believe how many sketches your finished! It sounds like a fun day and a fun group.