Thursday, January 16, 2014

Riverhead Buildings

I was out in Riverhead the other day and found this view from one of the parking lots in the center of town. I believe the blue building is part of the East End Arts Council building.


  1. you find some interesting spots to paint.. this is another one. Love it.

  2. Beautiful work Joan! I love the blue building, great composition!

  3. I love this Joan! A very quaint and interesting subject which you have painted so well!

  4. Hi Joan!
    Trying hard to catch up on all your great sketches. Love SF parts 1 and 2! You produce so many wonderful art works. I am still amazed! Good for you Joan! They all are so well done, so very interesting, and all have great stories! I love the blues, reds, and greens in this latest piece! Take care. Michael

  5. Joan you always seem to achieve a certain ambiance of the type of day it is when you are sketching. This looks like it was rather cool and gray...I love that you capture these moments in time. The blue with the orange bldg catches my eye. Hope you are having a good day.

  6. Cris - Thanks. I drive until I find something that makes me stop. lol Sort of like with Google Maps.

    Celia - Glad you like it!

    Wendy - Thanks!

    Michael - Thank you. Glad you enjoyed catching up.

    Debbie - Thanks so much for your comment!