Saturday, January 4, 2014

Snow Scenes

This morning I worked on the painting I started yesterday. I darkened a lot of the trees and bushes and added some more background trees. I hope you like the way it turned out. I found it hard to do the shadows on the bushes, and have those snow areas be differentiated from the other areas of snow.
This is 8 x 10. I'll put a small image of how it looked yesterday so you can see the difference without having to scroll back down to the bottom of yesterday's post.

Today the weather is still cold. It was only about 5 degrees when I got up this morning. I wanted to go out and paint another snow scene before the charm of the snow wears off. lol It goes so quickly from looking so pretty, to looking sloppy and messy and being annoying. As it is, even though it is so cold, the parking lots are just slushy messes with huge puddles mixed in with the snow so that when you try to walk you are nearly up to your ankles in slush.

But along the roads there were lots of pretty views. I had dressed in a few layers so that I could sit in the car without running the engine for heat. The sun was shining on me while I painted so I was pretty comfortable and didn't even need to put on my fingerless gloves. This was a spot along Montauk Highway going into Sayville and is 5 x 7.


  1. Lovely work Joan...what a great painting this is.

  2. Your snow scenes are so appealing, I have no experience with snow but my childhood until 13 was in England s they very much remind me of there. Think however I prefer dealing with the heat problems rather than all that cold and rain

  3. I love these snowy scenes - straight out of a Christmas card! Very exotic to my eyes!

  4. These are amazing, joan. Your snow scenes are wonderful!

  5. Ann, thanks so much!

    Lorraine, thanks! I'd much rather be warm than out in the cold snow...but it does look pretty for a while.

    Wendy, thank you and thanks for visiting!

    Hilda, thanks!

  6. These are delightful, Joan. They make me almost envy you all that snow. I said ALMOST. :-)

  7. Oh I do love the snow scenes, Joan. That lamppost adds so much character and charm. I love the snow. I would not like being stranded in it but with all the comforts of home and vehicle, I prefer it!

  8. Tina - LOL Thanks!

    Sherry - Thank you.I'm always worried about getting stuck in the car in the snow.