Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sneaky Portrait

Luckily I usually have a backup of a few sketches. Believe it or not, I haven't sketched anything since Thursday night and it is now Saturday night! I spent yesterday and today visiting at a friend's house (non artist) and we were too busy going places, talking, and eating for me to do any artwork. I will be getting off the computer shortly to so something artistic. lol Meanwhile here is something I did the other day.

On Wednesday night the Pathchogue Sketch Club met at Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Company in Patchogue. We hadn't met up in several weeks due to Christmas and New Year's Eve falling on Wednesdays. So this week there was a bit of talking and showing what we did over the few weeks (if anything), talking about new art materials we received as Christmas gifts, and a bit of sketching. We were sitting at a table for 6 and this man was sitting against the wall behind the sketchers facing me, with a couch somewhat in the way blocking parts of him. He was a good subject though, because he was on his computer and not moving, oblivious to the fact that he was my subject.


  1. Nice job. I would be afraid he would FEEL me looking at him if I were sketching him. Lol

  2. Good for you persisting, this is a lovely study

  3. One of your best people sketches yet, Joan. Love the brick wall and how comfy he looks in that armchair too.

  4. You've really captured his deep concentration and his obliviousness to your sneaky sketch! Love it!

  5. Cris, you know people on their computers or cell phones. They are in another world. lol Thanks.

    Polly - Thanks. I had to keep shifting my chair to see him between the sketchers across from me. It was a challenge.

    Sherry - Thank you. I was really happy with the way it cam out.

    Wendy - All I kept hoping was that I would finish before he did. Thanks.