Friday, January 3, 2014

First Snow of 2014

We had a bit of a snowstorm here in NY. It started snowing lightly yesterday and by last night the intensity picked up and the snow got heavier. It continued snowing overnight and this morning we had a bit of a winter wonderland! It was bitterly cold but I bundled up and headed outside to take a few photos. We probably had about 9 inches of snow.

Here's the view right in front of my patio. 

The view of the patio itself.

And a view of my Christmas decorations are still up and the ones on the railing are now covered with snow.

It was too cold to paint outdoors so I decided to paint the view from the window in my bedroom. It was the perfect opportunity to try out my new easel that I got for Christmas.

Here is the view out the window.

And yours truly painting.

Here's the almost finished painting. I need to touch up some areas, but you can get the general idea. I'll post the finished painting when it is done. I needed a bit of a break for a while.


  1. Brrrrrrrr! Love the snow! Love your photos Joan! Great photo of you at work!
    Love your home! Good idea to do your plein air inside! Also another wonderful painting!
    In Massachusetts we got the tail end of the same storm. I will post a photo tomorrow!
    I absolutely love the snow! Yippee!
    Your snow art loving buddy!

  2. Beautiful snow scene Joan! I still have my decorations up too!:-) You look warm and cozy inside.

  3. Great painting Joan! Just goes to show If you really look you can find subject matter anywhere.

  4. Lovely! What a perfect day to paint INDOORS!

  5. Michael - Thanks. Glad you are enjoying the snow.

    Celia - It was nice to pain that way...warm. Thank you.

    David - Thanks!

    Tina - The temp was about 10 degrees. lol Thanks.

  6. Looks like your apartment is gorgeous; love those patio windows! Your painting is awesome, Joan. I so love winter scenes!

  7. Thanks, Sherry. I'm hoping to go out and paint snow from the car today...if I don't freeze. It was about 5 degrees out when I got up.

  8. Looks like you may have gotten a bit more than we did. It was about 10 here when I woke up yesterday. Nice that you could paint that pretty scene from your window.

  9. Fun to see where you live. All that lovely cold snow. It's fun for awhile but ours got old soon. Lol I love your painting. Wow hard to do lots of white but you did a fabulous job. Look forward to the finished painting although it looks finished here.

  10. Happy New Year! Such beautiful pictures, it looked like there was chaos in New York on our news. Take care and enjoy the scenery and painting it.

  11. Mickey - Thanks. I usually sketch from my living room, but the Christmas tree is in the way. lol

    Cris - Thank you. Yes it looks pretty for a day or two and then it starts to get messy and annoying. Today there was a slushy mess in most parking lots and since it is still below freezing that will turn to ice tonight.

    Polly - LOL New York's newscasters make a mountain out of anything. It wasn't that bad.

  12. I must admit the snow does look very pretty, but oh so cold brrrr. Nice to see you there Joan and put a face to your name :-)