Monday, July 8, 2013

Waiting for Splashdown

Our dinner last night guessed it...lobsters. I painted one before it was time to put them in the cooking pot. They do make good models since they pretty much sit still. lol

And if having lobsters isn't enough I am heading up to Maine for a few days this week.
I don't know if I'll be able to post from up there since my computer is staying home with my husband. 
I will try to check blogs from my sister's computer.
See you all soon.


  1. Love all the colors in this poor thing!!! LOL...I always seem to feel sorry for them!!!
    Have a wonderful time in Maine, Joan. Stay safe...I'll look forward to your paintings..

  2. This is so good, hope he tasted as good too. Enjoy Maine and visit to your sister

  3. I always feel so bad for these things. I see Hilda said the same thing. But the painting is lovely, Joan. Have a great time at your sister's!

  4. I do like your lobster painting although I don't eat them. They look scary. Have fun in Maine. Maybe it will be cooler up there.

  5. Dear Joan - that is killing two birds with one stone - painting dinner before you eat it. Have a fun trip to Maine.