Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Shed

Here is one last painting that I did on Saturday. This was done at the vineyard,
and I think this was a storage shed off of where they did the wine tastings.
They kept carrying out cases of wine while we sat and pained and sipped.


  1. A very nice, intimate painting Joan. Good depth too even though it's a relatively small space.

  2. Very nice painting! Now that is my style of plein air work! Even beats sitting on the porch with coffee and my feet up!! I'm going to look for a vineyard around here. :)

  3. Simply gorgeous, Joan! I imagine wine tasting while I'm painting would be fun...and interesting. Did you artists get to taste too?

  4. Very nice Joan and no blurred edges despite the sipping!!

  5. Hi Joan, I'm proud that you were able to paint after visiting the vineyard! LOL!

  6. David - Thanks so much,

    Jo - Painting the vineyard was fun, especially with the wine. Thanks.

    Sherry - I just have to be careful not to dip my brush into the wine.

    Kevin - Thank you.

    Helen - Thanks.

    Carol - I'm tough. lol

  7. well, what a lovely way to pass the time, tell me, how many times did you dip your brush in the wine glass ;-)