Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sunset ATCs

After painting the crane above on Wednesday the colors in the sky started changing for the sunset.
I decided to paint the sky while the sun was setting, but have found in the past
that it is too hard to do a sunset en plein air unless it is small and you can work fast.
Each of these took me about 10 minutes tops and are 2.5 x 3.5.


  1. These sky studies are delightful!! You say you did them quickly and it shows in the best possible way. The colours are beautifully, confidently and yet delicately handled and you've got it spot on by the way you have handled the mid and foregrounds simply, allowing the skies to take centre stage. A really good example of how to capture a moment in time. I'm going for a scan today due to my previously-mentioned health problem, I'm not exactly looking forward to it but a can tell you, these pictures have cheered me up a fair bit!! Top drawer joan, I really love these!! Thank you!!!

  2. Lovely free sketches. The skies are beautiful. Well done!

  3. I love that you captured the pinks, Joan. I see that often in our sunsets here but have not tried en plein aire (I just am not a fan of being outside with bugs and heat).

  4. Painting the sky, plein aire, does sound challenging, Joan...
    but you did an amazing job on it. Nice work!!!

  5. I struggle with skies Joan. I might need to try your 'small' tip. These are so gorgeous.

  6. Kevin - Thank you so much!

    Polly - Thanks!

    Sherry - It is hard to do sunsets outside because the watercolor paint doesn't dry fast enough to move to the next part. By the time we painted it had cooled off....but bug spray was needed. lol Thanks.

    Hilda - Than you!

    Laura - Try a lot of small ones until you get more practice. Thanks.

  7. I love these skies. They are loose and lucious.