Thursday, July 25, 2013

Sketching People

A fellow blogger had a link to Marc Taro Holmes' blog.
Or you can click on his name in my list of blogs I visit on the right.
He is very good at what he does, so you may want to check him out.
He gave a step-by-step explaination of how he sketches moving people.
So I've been practicing sketching people at the beach lately.
Here are a few pages of my attempts.


  1. I took Marc's workshop on sketching people in Barcelona! It was crazy trying to sketch people as they walked down LA Rambla, but so much fun! We had to pick one person who was as far away as possible and then keep sketching that person as he got closer until he was out of sight. I sketched dozens of people that way -- crazy!

  2. Great job, Joan! I love the lady's hair in the last piece!

  3. These studies are excellent. I will check out his site.

  4. Beautiful work, Joan...LOVE the last painting of the lady!!

  5. Tina - Thanks. I'll have to try that tip.

    Sherry - Thank you.

    Polly - Thanks.

    Hilda - I love having so many models. Thanks.

    Mickey - Thank you!